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Atlantes Freedom Electric Marine Toilet with Vortex-Vac

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Name: Atlantes Freedom

$ 2,034.00
Weight: 70.0000 lbs
Width: 28.0000 in
Height: 19.0000 in
Depth: 21.0000 in
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Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac

The Atlantes was one of the first toilets to incorporate the idea of having all components mounted within the bowl. The idea behind the Atlantes was to offer a metal handle on the side of the bowl to make the marine bathroom less intimidating for those not used to being on a boat. We offer the metal handle with many options but most people understand they simply need to push it to have the toilet flush. The head area of any boat can be very daunting for those not familiar with how the toilets work. By offering a handle on the side of the bowl your guests will feel more at ease. The other, and probably equally important, feature of the original Atlantes was to appeal to the women on the boat. The Atlantes is far more aesthetically appealing than tons of nooks and crannies which ultimately means the toilet looks much cleaner. Users in any bathroom can appreciate the smooth minimal lines to make cleaning a quick and easy chore.

Today the Atlantes now incorporates the same Vortex-Vac technology as the Marine Elegance but in a bowl that offers a more substantial footprint as well as the just like home handle option. The advantage of the Vortex-Vac technology is that the waste is efficiently moved from the bowl by a vacuum action created by the pump rather than depending on remote vacuum generation. While a vacuum toilet may use slightly less water the advantage of Vortex-Vac is that one does not need to depend on the vacuum generator pump that tends to run for about 45 seconds to generate the vacuum. The timed flush cycle brings water in then runs a discharge then water again and discharge for the least amount of water usage and effectiveness of moving waste out of the toilet.

Atlantes Freedom Options 

The varieties offered include a regular household size bowl or an elongated bowl and a choice of either white or bone color. In addition, Raritan is proud to offer our patented SeaFresh system that allows a user to choose between either outside raw/sea water or on board pressurized fresh water. Regular models can be ordered for either remote pump intake of raw/seawater or for use with onboard pressurized fresh water systems. The choice on a water source is largely driven by the type of boating or the availability of fresh water available onboard for toilet flushing. Bad odors in toilets are often associated with the use of sea/raw water but many options such as our KO2 kit or even installing the SeaFresh version can help to combat the negative side effects of sea/raw water use. The discharge pump on the Atlantes is capable of pumping up over a 10’ vented loop and up to 100’ horizontally. 

The Atlantes is one to choose if you have a decent amount of floor space, and want your guests to be comfortable with using the toilet on your boat! The performance and low sound level make it popular among both commercial fishermen and high end luxury boat owners.


The original one piece marine toilet. Raritan was the first to develop a one piece china bowl that contained all necessary components to flush and fill the bowl. The Atlantes has gone through a number of transitions over the years but remains a highly reliable toilet that offers your guests the comforts of home. The handle that can be ordered with the unit allows users of marine toilets to be more comfortable when operating it. While the head area of a boat can be daunting the switches can be even more daunting so imagine seeing a familiar handle on the side of the bowl. Users will at least know to push the handle in order to flush the toilet. By incorporating what is familiar to users there is less chance of things going wrong when you invite guests onboard.

I addition to having a familiar operation the Atlantes offers a great variety of flush water options. Some boats require flushing with outside raw water because there is not enough capacity onboard to carry water just for flushing a toilet. Some owners choose the onboard freshwater option because they have the capacity and want to prevent the odors associated with raw water from permeating the plumbing system. 

Most Raritan toilets, including the Atlantes offer a SeaFresh option which allows the owner to flush with raw water during a trip to conserve fresh water as needed. Upon return from a trip and before leaving the boat switch to fresh and flush the system out reducing odors and build up in the line. In addition to the SeaFresh flushing option Raritan also offers a variety of control types if you prefer something other than the familiar handle. Atlantes offers a Bluetooth control, a touch pad, a momentary handle, timed handle operation or even as simple as a pushbutton.