Electric Toilet Controls

All Raritan electric toilets can be configured with the choice of various controls to suit your installations and needs. These choices can be selected within the specific toilet configurationssection during the ordering process.

The the different electric toilet control Raritan offers are:

Smart Toilet Control (STC)

Image of a Raritan Smart Toilet Control (STC)

The Smart Toilet Control (STC) is a controller for flushing the toilet to optimize water use without compromising the quality of the flush.

The STC is designed to automatically start a flushing cycle if NORMAL FLUSH oe WATER SAVER buttons are pressed. WATER ONLY button brings inlet water to the bowl when pressed and EMPTY ONLY button evacuates the bowl. Both WATER ONLY and EMPTY buttons have a tim limit of eight seconds. Flush timing of initial fill, discharge and final fill are fully programmable from the control panel. If wired, the panel will also show holding tank fullness level status. When holding tank FULL LED is lit, normal and water saver buttons are disabled. WATER ONLY and EMPTY buttons will continue to function. the STC is Reverse Polarity protected. In the case of reverse polarity, motors and solenoid will activate as soon as power is connected. After reverse polarity is corrected (within 10 minutes) the STC unit will work as normal.

This control can be configured and used with ALL Raritan Electric Toilets EXCEPT the Integral SeaEra model.

Installation and Operation Manual

Multifunction Flush Panel

Multifunction Panel

Multifunction Flush Panel includes a Switch panel, controller and cable.

Functions available are:

  • FILL” to add water to the bowl
  • Empty” to evacuate the bowl
  • Flush” to bring water in while bowl is evacuating

Multifunction Flush Panel can also be configured with SEA/FRESH switch option.

Multifunction control can be used with all Raritan Electric Toilets EXCEPT integral SeaEra model.

Installation and Operation Manual

Momentary Flush Switch


Momentary Flush Switch can be used to operate any electric toilet. There are no timing adjustment or water only or empty only function.

Available for all electric toilet Except Atlantes Freedom

Installation and Operations Manual

Bluetooth Toilet Control

Raritan Electric Marine Toilet Smart Toilet Control Bluetooth

Bluetooth Toilet Control comes with  remote panel that installs wirelessly up to 50 feet away from the toilet.
Panel has buttons for four functions:

  • Normal flush
  • Water saver flush
  • Water only
  • and empty only

The Panel also indicateds the holding tank full status if holding tank sensor is installed with control. Our panel layout is easy to understand and minimizes guest confusion over which button to push.  The panel operates using three AAA batteries which has an expected life span of 2 years. Control box is installed close to toilet and is connected to battery and toilet. Boaters can download a Smartphone app to their mobile device to manage their toilet system.

Once the controller is paired with your phone, all settings for timing can be customized for specific installation. Users can customize their flush settings by choosing between a continuous or sequenced flush and can even optimize their water usage by adjusting multiple flush time settings. After settings, toilet flush can be tested by operating a virtual panel on phone to confirm desired results. An advanced diagnostics feature displays all data on phone when paired and allows to sends operating data directly to Raritan through e-mail to aid in troubleshooting.  Operating data includes voltage input and current levels for the last 250 cycles.

App is available from the Google Play and Apple App Stores

This control can be used with all electric toilet except integral SeaEra model.

Installation and Operation Manual

Electric Toilet Controls
Smart Toilet Control Bluetooth
Smart Toilet Control Bluetooth
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Multifunction Panel
Multifunction Panel
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Momentary Flush Switch
Momentary Flush Switch
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Cable Cat5-E Shielded Tested 15ft.
Cable Cat5-E Shielded Tested 15ft.
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